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Intune - Block Device Category prompts

Admin 1: "Huh? You mean to say we couldn't previously prevent users from selecting their own device categories for enrolled endpoints?"

Admin 2: "Hmm? Surely that could have quite easily resulted in accidental misconfiguration and/or undesirable application installs?"

Until now, the above thought process had been a commonly shared concern by many IT admins working within the Intune endpoint management space. Not only were users required to complete an extra and unwelcomed step upon device enrolment, but a gaping door was also left wide open, completely suspectable to human error.

Worry no more, however, as Microsoft has recently introduced a control to block this behaviour. No longer will Fred from Marketing decide they unofficially work for Finance, and no more will Mary from Human Resources decide they now require the same configuration and applications as the IT department.

And the beauty of all this? - It's just one, simple, easy click of a button to implement. Phew.

Looks good, right? So where does this "Let users select device categories in the Company Portal" setting reside? Within Intune's Tenant administration & customization settings of course.


Before Upon enrolment, users are undesirably prompted to "Choose the best category for this device".

After Upon enrolment, users are no longer requested to select a device category for their endpoint as the prompt has been suppressed.




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