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Hey - I'm Chris Hudson, I've had an entirely dedicated role in the Microsoft 365 space for just over 5 years now after discovering an ambitious and irrefutable passion for its ecosystem and all things firmly or loosely associated with it.

To date, my so-far and evolving IT career of 13 years first witnessed employment within end-user-type environments, working within a multitude of corporations, from small to medium-sized businesses to international FTSE-250 enterprises. In the previous few years, however, I've transitioned into the consultancy and managed service provider space, proposing, designing, and implementing Microsoft 365 solutions on behalf of various customer organisations and sectors.

So what's the intention behind Purely and simply put: - to help, inform, or occupy its audience and everyone alike. Customary cliché incoming, but still entirely reflecting the truth; if at least one person finds one post here even remotely useful, I've achieved my entire goal for the blog. It's undeniable that other blogs and similar spaces have acted as a great source of education and knowledge throughout my IT career and I hope to pay a little something back with my own going forward.

Anyhow, I think that's just about enough of me... I hope you enjoy the content.

Thanks for reading!

- Chris

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Microsoft 365 Security Administrator Certification Badge
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